Why can’t you chose where to lose fat ?

A question I’ve heard a few people ask recently.

“I’ve lost a lot of fat from my legs and arms, but I cant seem to lose it from my belly. What exercise’s can I do to lose fat from my belly?”

Unlike building muscle there is not a certain exercise to burn fat in a certain place, you can’t chose where you burn fat or lose fat. So how do you lose fat in that place you really want to ? Carry on what your doing along as you are losing fat at a steady pace you will eventually lose it in that place.

  • Eat healthy, the key along with exercise to getting that six pack you’ve been dreaming of.
  • Do both cardio & strength training, yess girls we can hit or PB’s on the bench press to!
  • Track your body fat%, say no to the scale especially if you have recently started working out as your losing fat you will be building muscle (weighs more). If you are just weighing yourself you will think you are putting on weight which you may be but if you take a more specific measurement to see what you body fat% is this will tell you if your body fat% as reduced and your muscle% as gone up giving you a more toned look
  • Take progress photos, by looking back on photos you my notice you have lost a bit of fat in that area you wanted to yaaay!

Where you lose fat and how depends on where you body stores fat and also genetics, hormones, micronutrient intake, exercise habits etc.

Amy x



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